Deep Imager 5 ™ UV Resin Based 3D Printer

The Next Generation Of Resin Based 3D Printers is here

With the everyday need to produce higher quality and faster 3D prints, the need to have a 3D printer
that is easy and safe to use, to have a 3D printer with the durability to endure years of use and
minimal maintenance.

The Deep Imager 5 ™ was created

Designed around a sturdy aluminum frame that is powder coated to take on the years of use while still
looking great.  Built with an LED Pico Projector at the core of the machine, running on DLP Technology,
with LED's that last up to 20,000 hours of use, we are able to produce extremely high resolution
3D printed objects.  The LED's last 40% longer than the regular bulb style Projectors while using  less
energy to produce the same print.

      • Easily adaptable to future upgrades without the purchase of a whole new machine
      • Produce the highest quality prints like top end machines for a much lower cost
      • We have mastered an XY Resolution as small as 25 microns, while maintaining
        a consistent 10 micron Z Resolution.

The Deep Imager 5™ is all about being user friendly with many features to make 3D printing fun.

      • Automatically finds precise start position at the beginning of each Print, eliminating
        the need for manual calibration
      • We understand the time and frustration with the manual set up of different print
        resolutions. Our Deep Imager 5 ™ Pro Solves this with our Automatic Positioning Table.
        With a click of a button you can go from printing at 25 microns to 100 microns XY Resolution

The Deep Imager 5 ™ has been designed with an unparalleled versatility for compatibility with a variety
of resins , software programs, and multiple 3D model files

      • Resins available are designed, tested and certified to be compatible with the Deep Imager 5™,
        for use in printing  objects for Lost Wax Molds, Models, Prototypes, Toy Makers, Hobby Projects,
        Jewelry, and many others. 
      • 3D model files that are compatible to be used with the Deep Imager 5 ™ include
        .stl , .obj , .3ds , .amf  files.  
      • Use your favorite open source 3D printer software or use the Deep Imager 5 ™ control software

 Elite ImageWorks believes in providing a top of the line customer service.

      • When you buy the Deep Imager 5 ™ , you also receive Maintenance and Support. Use your 
        included webcam and connect with us via VOIP such as Skype, Google Hangouts etc., and
        our technical
        staff will assist you.

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